Date of Birth     : 20/01/1995
Place of birth     : Bangalore, India
Height               : 177cm
Weight              : 56kg

Teams: 2015 to present   -   Specialized-KYNKYNY Cycling Team
            2013 to 2014       -   Team Trek Firefox Racing
            2012 to 2013       -   KYNKYNY Wheelsports development team
            2011                    -   Team BOTS racing


Le Tour. Mysore. Bangalore's climate. Days when I wake up at 5:29AM and switch off the 5:30AM alarm. South Indian meal at PESIT. The feeling when I wear freshly dried BIB shorts. Nutella. Counter strike nights.  


An empty jar of nutella. Looking at stems. Driving a motor vehicle in Bangalore. Mosquitoes. Too many hashtags in an FB post. Armchair critics.

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