Monday, 23 November 2015

#RoadToGold - Week 0

I stare down at my wrist watch hanging rather loosely on my left hand. The minute hand indicates that I've got less than 2mins left in this effort..

Let's ramp it UP! Time to go Á BLOC!!

The gradient tilts downwards and I shift to a higher gear. At the same time I move back a bit on my saddle to get as slipstreamed as possible on theSpecialised Transition.

90 seconds to go..this tailwind feels so good!

I am less than a feet away from the edge of the road, going at upwards of 45kmph when a lorry begins to pass me on my right side. I remember the pink lotuses in a yellow background painted on the side of the lorry..


..the next thing I remember is I'm lying on the ground, my right cheek in contact with the rough asphalt.

The next 15 to 20 minutes are sketchy because I took an impact on my head and suffered a mild concussion.

..I remember trying to uncleat my left shoe..

..There's a swarm of people around me.

I reach for my cellphone in my back pocket, feeling relieved that it has not been stolen and I call my coach, Naveen, who was following me on a motorbike till he punctured about 30minutes ago.

"Hi Naveen. I've had a crash. I think my right collarbone is broken.."

I don't remember the rest of that conversation or the next 5 phonecalls I make - 3 to my friend Sushant, who had joined us for the session, 1 to my parents to inform them I had an accident and another one to Naveen.

I am confused and slightly nauseating at this point still trying understand exactly what was going on.

I get into an autorickshaw. Right hand on my left shoulder and the left hand holding onto the bike.

Sushant joins me at the car and we load the bike in. I have zero recollection of removing the wheels to fit the bike into the car.

We drive up to Sita Bhateja Hospital, wherein I was successfully treated when I first broke my collarbone back in March this year. My parents are there and an X-ray reveals a broken right clavicle.

I will need 5-6 weeks for complete recovery during which time I will need to wear a clavicle brace and a hand sling.

When I look back now to the first time I broke my collarbone, I feel I wasted a lot of time watching TV and procrastinating. To avoid that I'll be writing here weekly, about my recovery and my preparations for the national championships.

Until next week!

P. S. I would like to thank everyone who wished me a speedy recovery. Your words are truly encouraging and I hope to get back on the saddle and kick ass ASAP.

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