Wednesday, 10 June 2015

I hate tailwinds..

2nd June, 2015:

I was keen to make amends from Sunday's race and I tagged along with Genadijs and Jacob to compete at a race in Wakken. There were no rains in the forecast, but the 32kilometre ride to the race start did involve riding into a block headwind with the temperature "relatively high" at 18 degrees Celsius!

After an agonizing one hour and twenty minutes, we arrive at Cafe Schaak and sign up for the race. Being a mid week race, the field was shorter with 53 riders in total.

The only photograph I captured that day!
With a shorter field, I expected the race to be easier than Sunday. Oh, How wrong was I!
When the race was flagged off, we blasted down a slightly downhill section of the town. Before I realized it, we took a left hand turn and onto rural roads. The field split to tackle a narrow roundabout and as soon as we converged, we hit a crosswind section.


An attack goes up on the far right hand side of the road, when I was sitting at the left hand side of the peloton in the last but second row. With the wind coming in from the left hand side, this can mean one thing and one thing only..

Rural roads + Crosswinds + Belgian racing = ECHELONS!
Due to poor positioning, I quickly loose gap with the wheel in front of me. Nuh-uh, Not this time! I shift down to the 53X11 and chew my front tire to bridge the gap to the wheel in front of me.



We turn right into a tailwind section. I am in last wheel and there are attacks going up ahead at the far end of the peloton. The elastic snaps and I get spat out the back. Again. 4mins 27secs.

On the way back home, my right knee begins to hurt near the patella, two kilometres into the 32km ride. This has been a day to forget.

The next race I did, has been the most amazing race and also the toughest I've done so far. Stay tuned..

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