Friday, 31 May 2013

Summer Vacations here I come! (Part-3)

Meanwhile, after a month of confusions, I came to know that the Kynykny development team was closing. Having felt sorry for witnessing me struggling in java, fate gave me something to look forward to - a Tryout to join the Trek-Firefox Racing team (Fate is not such a bad guy after all). The April BBCh would be the most contested race of 2013, with riders coming in from all over India and from Australia, England, Germany,etc ,Yes, BBCh is truly international.
I'm going to be honest, when I say I was pretty scared during the build up of the race, which might have played a factor in the 2 crashes I was involved in. But I was glad to finish in 20th position out of the 107 who        started. Fortunately the staff at Trek-Firefox were able to look beyond the crashes, and I signed my contract to join their B-Team.
                                    (Surely, calls for a celebration)

Enter May, which would be the last month of being a freshman, also brought back exams. This time I had math as my supporter and nothing could stop, java did slow me down a bit. After three weeks of theoretical and practical exams, It was now time to focus solely on training, and vacationing of course.
Things to do during summer:
- Train better and give a good performance at the team training camp
- Race better
- Get a summer job ( an idle mind is the devil's workshop they say)
- Get a girlfriend, or maybe later
- Last but not the least, enjoy.



  1. You wont be able to get a girlfriend with that schedule of yours.

  2. Nice Sarvesh! Congrats on joining team Trek-Firefox! Good luck ahead! :)

  3. LOL! Enjoyed reading. You are growing up, Kid! All the best :)

  4. sarvesh if you want to enjoy dont get a girlfriend..